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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Test Report: KArm

I have been doing the testing since more than two years but I never got a chance to test and desktop application. So I thought to try my hands with desktop applications also. As this is my first chance with testing of desktop application so I would like your suggestions and comments. Your comments will surely help me to improvise.

Here, I would like to share that I usually works on Windows OS and know very little about the Ubuntu which caused me to face few hurdles during testing of the KArm. So, for the time I have limited myself to functionality testing only until I learn the Ubuntu properly.

Now, lets start the testing...

Product Info:
Name: KArm
Version: 1.6.0
Description: KArm is a time tracker for busy people who need to keep track of the amount of time they spend on various tasks.

This package is part of KDE, and a component of the KDE PIM module.
Environment: Ubuntu 8.04

Mission: To test the functionality of the KArm and find the issues in the application.

Date: 27-Feb-2010
Start Time: 11:30 AM
End Time: 01:00 PM

I started my testing with exploring the product so that I could become familiar with the features and functionality of the application. After spending little time with the product, I gain confidence about the product.

After spending 1.5 hrs with the product I found the following issues in the product.

  • User can create a subtask for a super task. If no super task is there in the tracker, the Sub Task button should remain disabled
  • The default 'Detect Desktop as idle' time is set to 15 minutes but user is notify just after 1 minute.
  • Unable to launch KArm Handbook
  • There is a feature in Help menu called 'What's This?' On clicking this menu item, the cursor is converted in to a question mark (?). When user click this question mark on any button in the standard menu bar or column header, it display the details of that screen element. The feature doesn't display detail for 'Sub Task' button
  • User should not be allowed to open the multiple instance of the product.As each instance displays the same task list so there is no use of opening multiple instance.
  • Opening the multiple instances also caused the KArm to display different timings of same task.
  • If multiple instances of the product is opened, it displays the error of shortage of disk space although there is sufficient disk space.

  • While adding/editing a task, the user can enter absolute/relative hours. Here the hours field can accept number up to 9 digits. If user inserts a long digit, it cause the error in time calculation.
  • Clock should display whenever it is started by user but the clock displays only if Session Time column is configured to display and user has started the clock.
  • Product crashed twice during the testing although I couldn't find out the reason due to lack of time but I hope to find it soon.

Overall it was a good experience to test an application for self confidence and improvisation. Today, I came to know that I lacks in test ideas while testing desktop products. Moreover, I need to learn the Ubuntu to do well with my testing. If a tester is not able to use the environment properly, he could not perform the satisfactory testing of the product.
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