Views of a Passionate Tester...


Did you see that guy?

Yes, that one.

That good looking handsome person in the picture is me . People know me as Mohit Verma but my name is not my complete identity. The name is just a variable for the spirit inside me which is young and wants to challenge the limits. Being based in Bangalore, IT capital of India – people take me as one of the IT guys wearing casual shirt & trousers and a company tag around the neck. I am not that “guy”.

I am a Software Tester, Accessibility Practitioner & Enthusiast, Blogger, Reader, Movie Buff, Cook and Story Writer. While I want to live like a tester, being recognized as a good tester; I would like to retire as a story teller. This blog is just a first step in that direction.

This blog is based on my learning and experience with beautiful world of Software Testing so whatever I publish here is “my point of view” and can be different with any individual living or dead – after all we all have different set of brain and heart. But, this is not one sided communication forum – Agree / Not Agree, I would like to see your feedback. That would help me to learn from you as a reader.

Wishing a happy stay here – I would like to “Welcome you on my blog!!!