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Thursday, December 6, 2012

TestEd’2012 – Rise of Thinking Indian Tester

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That was an amazing experience attending the TestEd’2012, one of the best conference of Software Testing I have attended ever. It was like a multi-starrer blockbuster movie and stars of the movie were James Bach, Rahul Verma, Pradeep Soundararajan, Justin Hunter, Manoj Kumar, Ramit Manohar and 350 testers which came from different part of country. It was an awesome feeling watching them all at one place, having discussion with them and knowing their testing experience.


The conference started with talk of none other than James Bach. His topic was “The Rise of Indian Thinking Tester”. He talked about Indian Testers, Indian Culture, Indian Literature and Testing. It seemed he knows Indian Literature like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita, Nyaya Sutra etc. more than anyone else available under the roof. We, the Indians, know most of the stories and their morals in the above mentioned books but most of us never tried to associate them with Software Testing. He did. No wonder he is an Expert.

What a start of the day!!!

Next was Rahul Verma. He came with an interesting Topic – The Death of passed Test Case. I don’t have words for him. He was out of the world. He talked about Test vs. Check and explained why checking also need brain. He came with quite interesting examples to support his claim. The other part of his talk was about Interface Constraint where he made sure to nail down the coffin of passed test case. He showed how a passed testcase can be failed in real. This one was my favourite of the day.

If James and Rahul had set the stage, Pradeep kept it in on fire. He is a man to watch – The BugFu Panda. He comes with another interesting topic of “Test Coverage Fist & Risk Information Fist”. This was his story of becoming Bruce Lee of mental martial art of testing with help of his Ip Man James Bach. Pradeep showcased sample reports and testing strategy mind map and explained the factors which make Moolya one of the best software testing companies around the world. In James words, “It is paradise for testers” and I second it.

People were still trying to catch their breaths which they couldn’t do as Justin Hunter was on the stage - the man behind the Hexawise. OMG!!! Many testers from the audience were using Hexawise for Pairwise and Combinatorial Testing and its creator was in front of them. I must say that he was one of the most humbled men I ever saw. He explained the features of Hexawise and proved how data coverage from seven billion test cases can be completed within 35 test cases using Hexawise. He has given a weapon to testers to make their job easy. Thanks Justin.

The next talk was from a different kind of person whom you can’t expect in a Testing conference. It was from a developer – Manoj Kumar. His topic was “Organized Chaos: Testing in a Continuous Deployment setup”. He talked about all the chaos during the release and pointed out that a successful release is not only developer’s job; it’s not only tester’s job; it’s a collective job of everybody involved in the team.

In the end, Ramit Manohar came on the stage with a bad news and a very bad news. The bad news was he was replacement speaker. Very bad news was he doesn’t have anything to speak but people didn’t mind him at all on stage. He made the audience laugh with his humorous, witty and sensible testing ideas. The great thing about his talk was that he picked some statements from the earlier talks and shared his idea on them. He was amazing in his quick short talk.

This was all about the talks of the day which have given me lot of matters to think but TestEd was not about only talks. It was about networking with the other testers during the networking breaks and lunch break. It was about the freedom of the testers. It was a festival of the Testers.

Awaiting TestEd’2013 eagerly.

Update on 10/12/2012 : Thanks to Rahul Verma for pointing out a typo mistake which was changing  the whole meaning of a sentence to  negative.

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Rahul Verma said...

It was good to meet you at test-ed.

Thanks for appreciating my talk to this extent. Very few people do because many of the things that I say, need thinking on part of the audience as well e.g they need to break away from various biases.

When you say that you liked my talk so much, it tells me a lot about you as well.

You made my day!

Mohit said...


There were multiple reasons I liked it and top of them was that you don't follow any School of Testing unlike most of us do.You believe in what you experience and share it with the world and that was a clear message of your talk.

Second, The topic was really interesting and It's true most of people don't think so much before changing the status of test case to passed. At least, I don't know anyone.

Third, You delivered your talk in very interesting way and broke your promise by keeping us awake.

In fact, your talk has given me a lot to think which might help me to become a better tester.

RAMIT M KAUL said...

Thank you Mohit. It was a funfilled learning experience for me. It is always a pleasure to listen to Rahul & Pradeep. God Bless, Ramit

Dwarika said...

Really nice narration and I am also waiting for next event. Because this time i have missed this event but where ever I have read the post written by participant, I feel good and have made decision "no miss to next event by any reason or by any cause"

Shanmuga Priya said...

Thank you Mohit... for narrating the event... I'm a budding tester from Trivandrum ... tried to join the event but i can't :(