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Monday, August 15, 2011

An interview with a Bug–Part II (The Return of TGB)

9:19 PM Posted by Mohit , 2 comments

It is said that History repeats itself. It has been more than two years when I interviewed the TGB. If any of you have missed that interview by any chance they can read it here.

That was the last time when TGB was seen. After that interview the TGB got fix and we were sure that we would never see him again. But guess what – we all were wrong. The TGB has returned and this time he is more powerful. This time he is going to blow our minds who are involved in the project – the testers, developers, team leads, managers, business managers, client and everybody who is directly or indirectly involved with the project. It seems that we are in deep soup.

Luckily like last time, this was again me who found him but this time I was not happy. First, my job was on stake now and second, the way he was looking at me like making fun of me. But, once again I was ready with my questions and tape recorder for another interview which I never imagined two years back when I interviewed him first.

Me: Hi TGB, It’s good to see you happy and healthy. Welcome back.

TGB: Don’t lie to me. You don’t seem happy at all seeing me again and moreover I never went anywhere so why are you welcoming me?

I was staring at him. He was not changed at all. He still hates me like I hate him.

Me: How did you escape last time? We all thought you were dead.

TGB: In software, the bugs are never died. They just go to unconscious state and wake up again when they get the chance. You only believe in what you see. If you don’t find any of us then you make assumptions that we don’t exists and release the so called bug-free software.

Me: What… By any chance, are you studying Psychology?

TGB: Yes, Psychology of ABS Members clip_image002

Me: Very bad joke. Anyway, I don’t make any assumptions about your existence.

TGB: That’s only why you always find me. I hate you, seriously.

Me: Even I don’t love you and now when you have been found once again, I hate you more. You have put my job on stake. They are going to kick me out from here.

TGB: No, They should not. You are forgetting something. It was not you who confirmed my death. It was other ABS member of your team so you can have narrow escape.

Me: You mean Retesting. Yes, you are correct. It was not me.

There was silence of few seconds. Both of us were thinking. I broke the silence finally.

Me: He is a good tester. I am wondering how he has missed you.

TGB: You tell me.

Me: How can I tell u?

TGB: Think. You must know.

Me: He didn’t retest at all.

TGB: No, Infect he has retested twice.

Me: Then he might not know how to find you.

TGB: Correct and Incorrect as well.

Me: means

TGB: He knew only one way to find me which you mentioned in your report.

Me: and there was other ways?

TGB: Yes. Nobody knew how to find me before you did last time. You have found me because you were not following their steps book.

Me: You mean test cases?

TGB: Oh!!! You call them test cases and what you call such ABS members who follow these test cases?

Me: Testers…. more precisely Scripted Testers.

TGB: Oh!!! We call them ABS Robots and we really love them.

Me: why?

TGB: Because they only see what they are supposed to see. So, most of time they are not able to find us hiding in different areas of software.

Me: Can you explain it bit more?

TGB: Look, these ABS Robots try to find out using the steps book. These steps books are written based on the requirement by the client which says what a system should do and what it shouldn’t. But designed system is too complex than the specified one. The requirement never explain the grey area which lies between and beyond the Do and Don’ts of the software and that’s the place where most of us live in colonies.

Me: Hmmm. So what do you think what we should do?

TGB: I suggest you to continue testing the same way. This will help us to grow. Let us also enjoy the life.

Me: I understand your view but this is not possible. For your information the things are getting changed now. Now we have robust training mechanism for testers. The new testers are going to Context driven testing schools where they learn the martial arts with bugs like you. Few of testers are also practising exploratory testing in our team. Mark my words TGB – This time you are not going to come back.

TGB: WTF!!! You will not let us live happily.

Me: That’ true. If you are happy then we can’t.

TGB: So, you mean my time is near?

Me: Yes, but this time it is going to be too costly for us.

TGB: clip_image004 clip_image004[1] clip_image004[2]

Me: Why you are laughing?

TGB: Dear friend, it is not going to be that easy. Now it is time to start rounds of long meetings, people will be blamed for missing me at earlier stage, you will be blamed for not ensuring earlier that I was dead and finally in the end, the one who missed me at retesting will be found responsible for this blunder and you know the rest clip_image006

Me: Yes, you are right clip_image008 and it reminds me we have a team meeting in 10 minutes. I will come to see you once more before you are dead. Do you have any message for aspiring testers?

TGB: Yes, I request them to follow Steps Book testing so that we can live healthy and happy life. After all, Life is about living happy.

And from next time I am not going to give you any more free interviews.

Me: clip_image010 Bye TGB. See you soon.

TGB: Bye.

Disclaimer: The original interview is edited because of foul and abusive language :)

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Ravisuriya said...

Was practicing testing and analyzed my observations. Started reasoning the test observations. Noticed few tests not finding any unusual behavior or problems.

Few tests found problems or unusual behavior in same area of application. I learned, those tests which did not find problem could not be called or marked as 'PASS'. They have to be marked as 'FAIL', since the test did not uncover the problem.

Though this idea of me may look incorrect, the test idea or test case is marked as 'PASS' when application does as written in test case or test idea. I'm yet to know the purpose of doing so. Probably there should be reason(s) for that. Looking out for them.

But the basic purpose of test is to uncover or know the problems that is not visible or unaware of it.


Mohit said...

Hi Ravi,

You have brought a very good point here. You might be correct but I have different perception and I will try to put my point of view here.

For me, Testing is gathering information about Application under Test. Bugs are one kind of deliverables from the testing.

During testing if some tests don't find bugs then it doesn't mean that the particular tests or test ideas were incorrect or bad. It's just that application is doing well against those tests.