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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Chit - Chat

2:14 AM Posted by Mohit , 7 comments

Finally, I am writing this blog post. It has been a long time I have written something. For last few days I have been trying to write but I couldn't make it but as it is said Better Late Than Never so here I am. Before moving further let me inform you that this post is not about software testing but still you can find it useful and interesting.

For last six months I was not much active on the web. No chat, No blog post, No discussion – Everything was like stopped. This six months were least productive in my career. Although I have learned testing but a little, I have discussed testing but a little and the worst part is I have practiced testing but a little.

Officially, I am doing good (Its my Manager's view not mine) but personally I was missing the freedom in testing. I have realized that software testing is an art and art can't be crafted without freedom. If thoughts of a poet is bound, he can't write the poem. Similarly, a tester mind bounded by test cases can not test actually. Its better to leave it free. I was also trapped with them but now I have started to learn how to separate the official life and tester life. Now, I think I can handle both together.

Although last few months were not good but still I have learned few things which I would like to share with you:
  1. Quantity matters in corporate life :)
  2. It is very difficult to change the perception of others. Believe me, I have tried and I was miserably failed.
  3. Team is good; individual is better and I am still looking for best :)
  4. A person can do anything – it just needs strong determination. I have experienced it.
  5. There are only two kinds of tester – Good and Bad. Rest categories falls under these two.
And yes, two most interesting quotes which I heard. You can laugh after reading them:
  1. 60% of testing is completed once you have written the test cases good enough.
  2. Exploratory Testing is a luxurious kind of testing.

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Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Start your countdown. You know what I mean by that?

Santhosh Tuppad said...

Mohit, Good to see you blogging again. Your learning are good and it was required for you to understand these ( bad ) things.

I accept your "difficult to change the perception of others" stuff. I would suggest you don't give up, you try your best and even then they don't try to change their perception then it's their fate :) So leave it and move forward concentrating on your learning and skills.

Agreed with Metrics / Quantity stuff :) Most of the managers at the end of the day ask, "Tell me the number of test cases executed / Total number of bugs reported". They are not bothered about anything else other than numbers.

I would want to see you interacting with testers outside your organization more often [Currently, you are missing :D].

Welcome back to blogging.


Asif Iquebal Sarkar said...

Nice post.
"I have started to learn how to separate the official life and tester life"....can you share how to do this?
"a tester mind bounded by test cases can not test actually"....very true. But why does those people always ask for Test Cases? Metrics? I personally experienced that whenever I am writing test cases I just let go my thoughts away. That way I can't ever test better.
Thanks for this inspiring post. Hope my managers some day will see this...

glsandeep said...

Nive one Mohit. Actually am also going under same phase n thoughts.

Pradeep's Tweet took me here... Thanks to Pradeep.

Mohit said...

@Pradeep Sir - I got you sir :)

Mohit said...

@Santhosh - Thanks dear :)and yes you are right i was missing the interaction with other testers but now i'll be regular :)

Mohit said...

@Asif - Thanks and I also hope that some day your manager will see this :)

Well, about your question - I do what I want to do without mentioning it. I test my own way and after testing I find that I have already tested the things mentioned in test cases.

About your another question - why do we need test cases & matrices? - Just to make fool of client :)

@glsandeep - Thanks & I hope you will come out soon from this phase :)