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Friday, May 28, 2010

NCR Weekend Testing Chapter

Weekend Testing doesn't need any introduction but for those who are not still aware of Weekend Testing, Let me give a synopsis about it.

About Weekend Testing
Formerly known as Bangalore Weekend Testers is started by four passionate Testers Ajay Balamurugadas, Parimala Shankariah, Sharath Byregowda and Manoj Nair and later well contributed by Santhosh Tuppad. They have synergy towards testing software and learning from it. Their vision is to improve the craft of Software Testing. Their burning passion and desire to contribute to software testing community gave birth to Bangalore Weekend Testers peer group.

There was an outstanding response not just from Bangalore, but others parts of India and some parts of the world. This got them idea to start peer groups in their other towns/cities/states/countries. This led to the concept of Chapters.

Mission of WT
A platform for software testers to collaborate, test various kinds of software, foster hope, gain peer recognition, and be of value to the community.

What happens in a typical Weekend Testing session?
Testers register for the coming weekend testing session at least a day in advance, by sending an email. A facilitator for the session provides a link to the product to be tested ( typically open source ), creates a group chat and a mission to achieve by the end of one hour testing session. The mission could vary from finding functional issues to exploring testability to writing automated tests to investigating bug reports and so on.
At the end of one hour ( or the decided session end time ) testers start sharing their experiences, bugs, learning, challenges, questions, and so on for about an hour. The facilitator then takes a day or two to prepare an experience report and publishes on Weekend Testing portal for the public to view it and also sends it to the open source developers or project owners for their perusal.
2 hours in total – that’s it. Every minute – worth it.

About NCR Chapter
I have been trying for last few months to start a testing group in Delhi-NCR. The idea was to know the other passionate testers in this part of country, to share the knowledge and ideas. I always thought it would be a great experience for all of us. Now, I am pleased to announce that we are going to start NCR Weekend Testing sessions with the support of Weekend Testing.

All the formalities have been completed. Now we are looking for 2 facilitators who will be trained by WT originator so that weekend sessions can run smoothly. Once the training is completed, we can start our NCR Chapters.

What do you need to become Facilitator?

Burning Passion for the Testing craft
About 6 hours time on weekends
Strong desire to contribute to the testing community

How to apply for Facilitator?
Those who are interested to become the facilitator can contact at with subject “NCRWT - Facilitator”.

How to apply for participate?
Those who are interested to participate in NCR Weekend Testing session can also contact at with subject “NCRWT - Participate”
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Anonymous said...

Nice initiative Mohit. I too wanted to start this chapter few months back, but on realising my other personal and professional responsibilities and the dedicated time needed for this, could not proceed further. I am too inspired by the Weekend Testers and the sessions that they perform in Bangalore, and hope something similar will happen in NCR as well. Wish you all luck. Do let me know in case you need any help from my side on the same. I cannot promise that I will be there in each and every session, but will try my best for the same.


Santhosh Tuppad said...

Great post. Finally, I heard about NCR chapter. There are hidden talents like you Mohit ( Now you are no more hidden ) which you need to bring up and show to the world. I hope other testers in NCR would join their hands in this cool initiative :)

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

Mohit said...

@Vips - Thanks for the support. Ofcourse I will let you know any help I want. Thanks for the helping hands :)

@Santhosh - Thanks for all the support you have given :) and believe me the testers in NCR will surely come for the community. Things has started already :)

Ajoy Kumar Singha said...


We started it for few weeks. But then it stopped. I would like to take the initiatives for NCR chapter.

Lets start it again.

~Ajoy Kumar Singha

Mohit said...

Hi Ajoy,

Thanks for your interest and I am glad about it. In real, NCR Chapter is not closed. Its just I was out of station at weekends for whole moth and there was no one to facilitate the session.

As Now you are also there to facilitate the session, I hope there will be no problem to start the sessions.

With Regards
Mohit Verma