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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Face/Off - A different solution

Few Words:
After reading my previous posts I received mail/comments on two major issues:
1.Few of them suggested me to change my style of writing
- Actually I always loved reading the stories so it has also put impact on my style of writing but I am trying to change it. This post should publish long time back but I couldn’t publish it for few reasons so you will find same old style in this post.
2. Few of the readers complained that I always write hatred things about the management
- This is not true at all but still I tried to change the things here. I hope you like it.

The Story begins Here....
“The situation is out of control now. They fight like cats and dogs.”

“It is common in IT world. The developers and testers always argue over the issues in the project. Don't Panic.”

“No, we need to think about that. Both are good, infect they are very good in their job but their rivalry can cause damage to project.
Yesterday, they were yelling on each other. Dorian was saying that it is easy to find the errors in other's work. You testers don't do anything productive in the project, if you have guts then develop a piece of code.
Trevor was also not behind. He replied that if you hurt then why you not do the things rights. You proud on your cheesy code; even a student can write better code than yours.”

“So, what is your suggestion on the matter?”

“I don't know. I just want to end the grudge developing between the both.”

“Ok, I’ll do something.”

After TL has gone, The Project Manager started to think on the matter and has come with a plan.

Next day, he called Dorian and Trevor in his office.

“I have a small project for both of you. I need it well developed and well tested. All the norms and conventions should be followed during development and testing of the project.”

“Will only we be in project?”

“Yes, this is a sample project for the client. Once the sample is approved, we will get the main project. So, for such a small project I just need two people from the team. Your TL has forwarded your name as Best developer and Best Tester. So I want both of you in my project.”

“Ok Sir. We will do it. How many days we have?”

“Good but there is a twist. Dorian, you have to work as tester in the project and Trevor, you will develop this sample project. In short, you will interchange your role for this project.

What? But why sir? We can't do that. I don't know how to test? I don’t know any testing technique and I am sure Trevor also can't write a single line of code. How can we do that?”

“Trevor stares to Dorian but remains quite. Actually he also has the same thought in mind.”

“Great questions. I already knew that you will have these queries. Actually client wanted to know the capabilities of our team so I promised him that for the sample project our tester will develop the project and developer will test the project. It’s a bet and I don't like defeat. So, just do it.”

“But Sir?”

“You can go now. You have time of Six days. Work together, help each other, all problems will be resolved. And remember don't try to cheat. You can help each other but you can't work for each other.”
While returning from the Manager’s cabin, both are thinking the same.

“Hell!!!! How will I do that?”

Day 1
Both are sitting on their desk and thinking how to start? Trevor knew that if he wouldn’t build the application, he would be blamed for not completing the task and then Dorian may have narrow escape in that case.
But Dorian was also not relaxed. As Trevor is not regular coder, there would be many issues in his build. What if he couldn’t find all issues in the build? He would be blamed for issues in the sample project.

They decided to use the Google to learn the things. Whole day passed but they are not sure how will they do the task.

Day 2
Trevor started with requirements. He gone through the requirements thrice and then started to create HLDs. He was not sure he had designed them correctly.

On the other hand Dorian was still googling. He was not sure yet from where he should start. Things are not going right way. He had to do something.

At the end of the days while Dorian was thinking what to do, Trevor came to him and proposed help to Dorian. In return, he wants the same. First time, Dorian was happy to hear Trevor. They shook their hands and deal was locked.

Day 3
Dorian checked all the HLDs and LLDs and made the appropriate correction. He suggested Trevor to write the use cases.

Trevor suggested Dorian to go through the Requirements and list the questions and query from the specification. He told him to apply few Heuristics during testing such as 'Mary had a little lamb’; to solve a big problem let it divide into small ones, Rumble Strip etc. Once the list of question is prepared, Trevor told him to go to manager to get the answers of those questions.

When Dorian returned from Manager, Trevor was doing his lunch. He offered his 'Aloo Parantha' to Dorian. Although Dorian don't want to eat anything but he couldn't deny to Trevor. The moment they shared the bite, every hot feeling between them was evaporated.

After Lunch, Dorian informed the Trevor about the changes in requirements after discussion with Manager. Trevor updated his design documents accordingly.

After finishing the changes, they have a peer meeting to set the environment of development and testing. Dorian described him how to set the development environment and Trevor shared how to set the testing environments.

At the end of day, both have set the environment for Development and Testing.

Day 4
Trevor was busy in the development. Sometimes he struck with the uses of syntax and specific commands where Dorian helped him. It was a simple application, but Trevor didn't think so. According to him, it was one of the toughest tasks. He realized that it is never easy to develop the things and maintaining the quality with development is most challenging.

On the other hand, Dorian was writing the test cases and metrices. He never knew that testers have such a challenging job. On wearing the Hat of a tester he realized the responsibility attached with the profession. He was feeling ashamed on the perception he had for the testers.

In the evening they sat together for the peer meeting and discussed the challenges they faced. Each of them helped each other to overcome from the challenges.

Day 5
Trevor has assigned the application to Dorian for testing. Dorian was executing the test cases but unable to find the issues. He was not sure that Dorian didn't leave any issue in the application.

Again they had the peer meeting. Dorian told Trevor that he is unable to find the issues. According to him all the requirement is completed. Trevor suggested him to use the Exploratory approach to find the issues. He made him understand the exploratory approach of testing. He also shared Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet with Dorian.

Dorian again started his work and within two hours he found many issues in the application. He assigned the issues to Trevor. Trevor worked on the issues and resolved them.

Day 6
Most of the work has been completed. Dorian has retested the issues followed by regression test. In between Trevor made the changes in the code suggested by Dorian. The task is completed and it looks really well.

In the evening they went to the nearby bar to celebrate the completion of their challenge within the allotted time. Next Day, they have meeting with the Manager.

One-on-One with PM
Next Day both Trevor and Dorian were called by PM. He wanted to know the status of progress. After getting the project status, he sent back Dorian so that he could do one-on-one with Trevor.

PM: Trevor, you have done a great job? I would like to know how your experience was.
Trevor: Sir, It was not my first time when I developed a product. In my college days I developed few apps but at that time we never bothered about testing or quality.
When I chosen software testing as my career, I have mindset that most of the developers don’t try to develop a quality product but guess, I was wrong. In last few days I learned that developer always tries to give his best, its just human nature that he can’t see the issues in his own developed product as Mothers can never see the faults of her own children

PM: Great Thought!!! So, would you like to go in development?
Trevor: Developing a product is a great feeling but I am more passionate for testing. I would like to remain as a tester always.

PM: Great. That’s all I want to know. Thanks for your time. Can u send Dorian inside?
Trevor: Thanks Sir for great opportunity and teaching a valuable lesson to us.

Trevor leaves the room and sent to Dorian inside.

PM: So Dorian how was your experience as a tester?
Dorian: It was great Sir. Earlier, I always thought that testers do nothing valuable with the project. They just find the errors in the project and report them. I mean we can also do the same if we have sufficient time.
On wearing a tester’s hat I came to know how wrong I was. A developer can just build a product; it is a tester who really makes a quality product. Testing is not an easy task. The testers are brave and have guts to say the truth, no matter who is standing before them.

PM: Good to see your thinking has been changed. So, would like to wear a tester’s hat in forthcoming project.
Dorian: I would love to but I don’t think I can do the justice with the job of a tester. We need skilled testers in the projects. I have learned - A skilled tester can give you a quality product but at the same time a bad tester can horribly ruined a product. I think Trevor is the right person who can test.

PM: I am happy that you understood the value of a tester. This is going to help you in future.
Dorian: Yes Sir.

PM calls on intercom and call Trevor inside.

PM: If you have any issue with each other, you can say it now?
Dorian: No Sir
Trevor: I have one issue, He promised to get me a beer three days ago but still he didn’t get me a beer.
PM: :) Come over to my home in the evening. We will have a drink together.

The story written above is purely a work of fiction and imagination. It doesn't belong to anybody living or dead.
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