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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WT28 - Session Report

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I am a big fan of weekend testing sessions. They give us sufficient feed for our brains to think. The WT community helps the testers to share/gain their knowledge. Testing an application in limited time followed by discussion with other testers really help to boost the confidence of a tester.

Although I am not a regular weekend tester but whenever I get a chance I don't skip the session.

This weekend I was able to attend the session and what a session it was. You can see here how different minds interprets the same thing differently.

Mission: There are three tasks to be completed today.
Time Duration: 1 hour.

Task 1:
Complete the game-
Objective: Send the screenshot where the picture is built right.

Task 2:
Score 90 points in the game:
Objective: Send the screenshot.
Checkpoints: URL of the game, IQ Score, "Your solution is right, congratulations! (+10 points)"

Task 3:
Score 50 points in the game:
Objective: Send the screenshot.
Checkpoints: URL of the game, IQ Score, "Your answer xx is right, congratulations! (+10 points) "

My Approach: I have gone through the requirement three times before starting the task. It is must to understand the task very well before starting. Once I understood the task, I started to work on them.

Task 1: It was a jigsaw puzzle. We had to complete an image from the pieces. Although I am not very good in solving the jigsaw puzzle but somehow the task is completed with in a short time.

Once the picture is completed, I took the screenshot as mentioned in the mission.

Task 2: It was a memory game. In this game, we had to memorize the colors and press them in order they appeared. It took me some time to understand the game. We have to score 90 points in the game. Till 40, I did not found any problem but after 40 pts. it was difficult to remember the sequence of color. I tried many times but no success. I thought to use pencil or paper to note down the sequence but I drop the idea as I think it would kill the purpose of game and mission assigned to us.

At this stage I was not sure how much time this task will take to complete, it might possible that I wouldn't be able to complete the task so I moved to task 3 to complete it first.

After completing the task 3, i concentrated on task 2 again and I was able to complete the task with sufficient time remaining in my hands.

Task 3: It was a cake walk for me. This task is about adding the moving numbers. From childhood I used to play with numbers. It was years of practice so I have completed the task in less than 40 seconds.

Although I have completed the mission within 40 minutes but major of my time was spent on memory game.It might means that I don't have good memory, I need to work on improving my memory.

Discussion: As soon as the time is finished, all the tester has stopped to work, although some of the testers were not able to complete the task. It really shows that how honest we testers are ;)

OK, so discussion was the real entertainment. While some testers completed the task by using tools like tamper add-on for mozilla (for jigsaw puzzle), pencil, paper etc (for memocoly game) and they are justifying their point of view with that it was not mentioned in mission that testers are not allowed to use the tools, My point of view was that these tasks were assigned to improve our learning skills. If we are using pencil-paper to note down the sequence of color then how it is helping us to improve the skills. A mission to complete the game has become the debating issue :) we share our views, learn from other testers across the world and then wind up the session.

  • Have a doubt, ask questions. Ask as many as you can. This will help to clear the traps.
  • Came to know about the tamper data add-on for mozilla firefox. The tamper data can be used to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.
  • I need to do more practice to improvise my memory skills.
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