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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is your sentence?

Scene -1

Sir, there is an issue here.

What issue?

We are populating the date and time by default; but the date and time is already scheduled for another appointment. What’s the use of populating the data if user needs to change the data?

So what do you want? We are displaying the current date and time here. Client has gone through the module and he didn’t complaint about it, then what’s the problem?

Earlier we don’t have the functionality to display the next available schedule. Now when we have the function, we can implement the function here. It will increase the usability.

Hmmm…. Ok, we will see later.

Scene -2

Hey Jags, There is an issue?

What issue?

Look at this buddy. In the month view of the appointment scheduler, you are displaying the appointments for each day. User is able to create the appointment by clicking on a day. But when user clicks on the days of next month in the current month view, the appointment form doesn’t open although you are displaying the appointments for that day.

It’s not possible. To create the appointment for next month you have to go to the next month view.

But if you are displaying the appointments of next month here then user wishes to create the appointment from here too.

It’s not possible.

But the same functionality is already implemented in Google calendar then why it’s not possible.

Client didn’t complaint about this issue. We will do it when client will ask.

If it is not possible then how will you do it then?

Everything is possible what client wants. We have other tasks too so we can’t do it just for your satisfaction.

You are not developing the things to satisfy me. We all here are working for client satisfaction.

Tester went to his Project Manager. He detailed the issue to PM.

Hmmm…. Ok, we will see later.

Scene -3

Sir, the module is still under test. There are few issues which need to be fixed before uploading the client site.

Is there any show stopper?

No Show stopper is there but there are many minor issues which can not be ignored.

Hmmm…. Ok, Let us upload the module today as we promised him. You carry on your test, find the bugs and assign them. After bug fixing we will upload the changes.

Next day, Client logged the issues.

Scene -4

Why did you disclose the issues to client when he was unaware?

He wants to know the issues in the module.

He was not aware of those issues. You could hide them easily. We could fix them afterwards.

Later if he finds the issues, he can conclude that I am not a good tester for his project.

We would handle the situation in that case. Now he is demanding for the major changes in the module which can cause late delivery and hence deduction in billing. You are on responsible designation. I was not expecting this from you. Well, never repeat the same.

Scene -5

Hey Jags, This is not right. Client wants to do the things in this fashion. What you are doing is incorrect. Do it in this way

Hey man, we are the developers, not God. Why you don't accept the simple things.

It is not simple. It is buggy. Client is asking for a dinner chair and you are giving him Potty Chair. Do as I said, it is the right approach.


After three days:

Congrats Jags, Client has really liked the module. Well Done boy. I was not sure that he would like the module. Good Job.

What does your Manager say:

On Scene -1

I am agree that it increase the usability but as I said Client didn't ask for implement the changes here. There is lot of work in the project, we can't spend time for the things for which client doesn't care. So I put the things on hold.

On Scene -2

This is a valid issue but if client didn't make a complaint it means he is satisfied with the current feature. In the limited time line we can't provide everything to client. We have put the issue in our To-Do list and if we can get enough time, we will surely fix the issue.

On Scene -3

Bad things are better than nothing. I have promised to client that I would deliver the module on particular date. Postponing the delivery can cause the bad credibility. So I decided to upload the module.

On Scene -4

Due to your stupidity, Client has known the issue which we could deal later. He gives us a long list of changes which has put us back from the schedule. The client will deduct the payment if project is not delivered on scheduled date and you'll be the only one responsible for the situation.

On Scene -5

I never knew that you also contributed so much in the module. I thought it was Jags who developed the module alone. I really appreciate your efforts but you must also agree that Developers are the real contributor in a project; if they are not there no project could take a shape. Your work depends only on their work.

What is your sentence?

Now as a tester what is your response? Are you agree with the Project Manager or you have different sentence. Share your point of view as Comments.
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Anonymous said...

On Scene -1
Partly Agree

On Scene -2
Totally Agree

On Scene -3
Don't agree

On Scene -4
Don't agree

On Scene -5
"you must also agree that Developers are the real contributor in a project;"

Nice Post.


Mohit said...

Thanks for sharing your views. It would be nice if you also share the reasons.

Anonymous said...

Here's the explanation as per my viewpoint:

Scene 1 - Partly Agree
PM is correct in his statement that there are more important things pending which are higher priority. But instead of putting it on hold, he could have assigned a lower priority to it.

Scene 2 - Totally Agree
What you are requesting is an additional feature. An PM is right in saying that if they get enough time, they will fix the issue.

Scene 3 - Don't Agree
There were issues that "can not be ignored". But still the build was uploaded to prevent the loss of credibility. The credibility was still anyways lost when client had to log issues.

Scene 4 - Don't Agree
It is a tester's job to provide the information related to product. If it has issues they have to be reported. If client reports those issue they will spoil the repo of organization

Scene 5 - DON'T AGREE
In a way I agree with the PM. "Your work depends only on their work." Yah, a tester's work is directly dependent on the (Bad)Quality of code written by programmer.
Testers and Developers should always work as a team to make the project a success.


Mohit said...


Thanks for explaining. You have given all the valid reasons, lets see what others think.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

So time to change the style of writing!

Mohit said...

@Pradeep Sir,

I am also thinking so....hope I can do it.

Santhosh Tuppad said...

Surely you can do it. All you need is practice and vocabulary ( I am also working on the same ).

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

Mohit said...


I would like to thank you for motivating me always :)