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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be honest with your job

Today I have a story to share. The source of story is not important so I am not discussing about it, what really matters is the moral of the story and that’s the only reason I am sharing it with you.

There was an aspiring IT company in India with good Development team, Media team, Marketing team, Managers and Testing Team. Sorry I said Testing team but actually there were only two testers in the team :)

So there was a product on which a fully development team of 6 developers, one team leader and a tester was working. The product was running from last 10 years and has gone through many stages and changes. During the last 10 years the team has been changed many times but the product was still there. The product was under development as well as maintenance stage. So sometimes there was new development otherwise most of the time it was under maintenance.

Once there was request for an enhancement in Search module of the product from Client. There were two different search screens for two different entities. Now Client wanted to combine both the search screens i.e. when a user made a search for a keyword, the result should appear in single search for both entities in two different tabs.

The task was assigned to development time. The development team has started their job on the new task. But they took more time in completing the task than the allotted time. In fact there was no time for testing and debugging.

In this situation team leader decided to upload the task on client site without testing and debugging. He uploaded the task on client site and then assigned the task for testing. The tester completed his job and reported the bugs to development team. The development team started to fix the bugs. They have fixed all the bugs and the task is reassigned to tester. All the issues had been closed except one. He again reported the same issue. Development team worked on it but unable to fix it. Every time development team fixed the issue, the tester reassigned the issue back to them. The development team was really in trouble. They told team leader about the problem.

In between Client reported issues in new enhancement. The Client reported all issues except the one which was reopened many times. The issue was regarding search time taken by application in searching the records. According to tester the application is taking too much time in giving result.

After discussing with development team, team leader called the tester for discussion on issue. According to team leader there was not any issue. They had already applied all their tactics to make the search fast and there was no way to make it faster. According to team leader there was hundred thousands number of records so application was taking time in searching.

The tester was not agree with his team leader. According to tester the search was slow and it would really irritate the user in future. He told to team leader that if number of records was reason of slow search result, in that case Google should take hours to display the result and they had long debate on issue.

At last, team leader asked tester to close the issue as the issue was not reported by Client and he decided to upload the remaining changes on client site. The tester refused to close the issue. He didn’t want to dishonest with his job to please his team leader. The team leader felt it as his insult.

After discussion the team leader uploaded the changes on the client site and reported to Manager that the tester was not good team player, irresponsible about his job, never listen his senior and always does useless debate. The result was tester had been put on bench for indefinite time.

More than 5 days have been passed; there was not any complaint from Client. He had used the new feature many times and he seemed happy with new feature. The development team was happy with their job but the tester also was not upset with his decision. He always knew he was right.

After 13 days, a mail was received from Client regarding same issue and he was really unhappy. According to him the search was taking too much time to produce the result. After this mail, manager called the team leader in his room for meeting. What they discussed behind the doors was always a secret but after the meeting the tester was back in team. He was working on the same product and development team including team leader started to take him seriously.

Moral of the Story

For Aspiring Testers:
(i) Be honest with your job as Honesty is the best policy.
(ii) Don’t change your views, ideas, ethics or heuristics to please anyone.
(iii) Never take back steps from an argument if you are right. Doesn’t matter who is in front of you. Just believe in yourself.

For Management of Companies:
(i) Testers are assets to the company. Let them do their work with honesty.
(ii) Testers view the things with Clients perspective. Believe in them.
(iii) Never release a product with issues to client. Little delay is much better than a buggy product.

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