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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There's a little bit of TESTING in everybody's daily life

11:15 PM Posted by Mohit 5 comments
This is my first post and therefore I was thinking what should I write which must be interesting and read worthy. I don't know whether I will be succeed or not but let me try:

Okay, Today I was going from market when I saw a hoarding of SAIL (Steel Authority of India) which says "There's a little bit of SAIL in everybody's life" - quite impressive. I was thinking about the slogan and feelings behind it when I notice that it is also true for "Testing". So I decided to use it as topic of my first post, although I have changed it "a little bit" according to my subject.

Now, who will deny or dissatisfy with this phrase - nobody. If there is someone then let me give you some examples -

  • Its Diwali season - although market is down but you (at least we Indians) are doing shopping, buying cloths, new utensils etc. as per our rituals. So when you go to buy a shirt, you definitely check the color, size, brand and price etc. as per your need. You try the shirt in the trial room to see how you look in the shirt or should I say You test the shirt in the trial room to see how you look in the shirt. what's that - It is testing.
  • Okay, take another example - When a bulb is fused in your room, you go to market to buy the bulb. When shopkeeper gives the bulb, you say "Please check it" (why do you not take it without checking -because you believe in testing). If it lightens you take bulb and then handover the money.
  • One more - when your mother cooks food for you she always taste it (testing again...) whether food is as per your taste or not and if not then she make changes accordingly and deliver you the food as per your taste.
So these are the only three examples which I have given here and you may have hundreds of example too because we all believe in Testing and "There's a little bit of TESTING in everybody's daily life".
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Anonymous said...


monk_who_nvr_had_a_ferrari said...

haha! right buddy theres a little bit of testing in evry one's life bt ind it deres a lots of "development" in evry ones life..
nywas u guy do a wonderfull job of giving d world a bug-free softwares..



Mohit said...

you may be right but it is tester and not developer ignored in IT industries. Yes, the situation is changing now a days but it is still worse.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Best wishes and welcome to Blogosphere!

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad said...

I was just interested in going to your first blog post. I found some cool points here that you talked about. I am becoming a fan of you my friend *smiles*. Latest post was like surprising too but Disclaimer was like I was watching a movie which has a Disclaimer :P.

All the best :)

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad